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Looking for sea freight to or from China? Unity Logistics can help! Why Unity Logistics?enter image description here

Shipping to and from China should be no hassle at all – in fact it is often over complicated but look no further if you need a solution to your imports and exports.

We can cover all primary import trade lanes from China including ports such as Dalian, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen (Yantian), Tianjing (Xingang) and Xiamen though there are some 48 Chinese ports and ‘ports’ that we can service.

We know how popular international trade is in and out of China, so we have really taken the time to seek out the best suppliers and agents to assist with the smooth running of shipments.

If you are seeking new services and options, give us a go! We would be more than happy to help and you can see for yourselves. Whether you are looking to ship pallets or containers, we can be of assistance. Parcels too and we can deliver on the terms to best suit you and your end customers. Port to Port, Door to Door, whatever you need. We can’t help if you don’t ask.

We can import goods from China and have them delivered to your door in Chesterfield, Barnsley, Sheffield, Rotherham or anywhere else in the country.